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  • Field_Stone
  • Frost
  • Candle_Glow
  • Dunes
  • Sand_Pebble
  • Steel
  • Raven
  • Saddle
  • Golden_Wheat
  • Pottery
  • Mushroom
  • Linen
  • Burnt_Ember
  • Clear_Water
  • Mocha_Chip
  • Natural_Wood
  • Winter_White
  • Organic_Leaf
  • Townhouse
  • Fresh_Khaki
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Color: Field_Stone
Size: 12' 0"
Materials: $3.63 - 4.34
Instalation: Call for Quote
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Loop Carpet: This popular carpet style is perfect for high traffic areas of the home and can be found in many commercial settings. Loop pile carpets can either be smooth, consistent surface or high and love loops giving the carpet a more textured appearance.

Details for this floor

Category: Loop Carpet
Color: Field_Stone (+ Frost, Candle_Glow, Dunes, Sand_Pebble, Steel, Raven, Saddle, Golden_Wheat, Pottery, Mushroom, Linen, Burnt_Ember, Clear_Water, Mocha_Chip, Natural_Wood, Winter_White, Organic_Leaf, Townhouse, Fresh_Khaki)
Size: 12' 0"
Price Range: $3,63 - 4,34
Style: 52V44
Collection: Shaw Flooring Alliance
Fiber: 100% Nylon
Fiber Brand: Evertouch R2X / Nylon
Style Type: Pattern
Face Weight: 25.00
Backing: Classicbac

Warranty summary for this floor

We take the guesswork out of flooring your home with an easy-to-understand warranty system offering increasing levels of protection.

Manufacturer's Warranties:

Shaw's Residential Carpet Fiber Hierarchy makes our warranties easy to understand, and, even more importantly, easy to compare. We have three residential fiber brands that support the Shaw brand: Anso® Nylon, EverTouch® Nylon, and ClearTouch® PET Polyester. Each brand includes exclusive features and benefits. Please refer to our Tips, Trends, & Care section for a complete list of warranties. Listed below is the specific warranty for this product: