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My Dream III

Color: Birch
Size: 12' 0"
Materials: $7.98 - 8.69
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Texture: A versatile carpet with a gentle softness that works in any area of your space.

Details for this floor

Category: Texture Carpet
Color: Birch (+ Walnut, Mangrove, Oak, Willow, Hickory, Pine, Cedar, Ash, Maple)
Size: 12' 0"
Price Range: $7,98 - 8,69
Style: Q4318
Collection: Shaw Flooring Alliance
Fiber: 100% Nylon
Fiber Brand: Anso w/ R2X - Nylon
Style Type: Texture
Face Weight: 53.60
Backing: Softbac Platinum

Warranty summary for this floor

We take the guesswork out of flooring your home with an easy-to-understand warranty system offering increasing levels of protection.

Manufacturer's Warranties:

Shaw's Residential Carpet Fiber Hierarchy makes our warranties easy to understand, and, even more importantly, easy to compare. We have three residential fiber brands that support the Shaw brand: Anso® Nylon, EverTouch® Nylon, and ClearTouch® PET Polyester. Each brand includes exclusive features and benefits. Please refer to our Tips, Trends, & Care section for a complete list of warranties. Listed below is the specific warranty for this product: